Fleet Pressure Washing Services


Taylor Services offers a wide range of fleet pressure washing services. There is no limit to the amount of vehicles. We are fully equipped to handle any number of vehicles of any and all types.

Vehicle Cleaning


For our customers who own cars, trucks, vans and SUV's, we offer three levels of cleaning packages to fit everyone's needs.

Vehicle Cleaning


Taylor Services has many different vehicle cleaning packages available. We are fully equipped and more than ready to clean whatever you desire.

Vehicle Cleaning Tier 1


The tier 1 is our basic service which includes a rinse, power wash and dry.

Vehicle Cleaning Tier 2


Tier 2 is extended service which includes a rinse, soap, power wash, dry and tire shine.

Vehicle Cleaning Tier 3


Our tier 3 service is our premium clean, it includes a rinse, soap, power wash, soap and soak, power wash again, dry, tire shine and windows.

Off-Road & Recreational Vehicles

Is your UTV, boat, RV or ATV dirty after a fun weekend? Give us a call and we'll handle the clean up for you!



After a long day of fishing or cruising the lake in your boat, it requires some cleaning up, if you want to protect that investment to make it last for years. We can take care of that chore for you at a low cost with big value.