Residential Pressure Washing Services


At Taylor Services we take pride in our residential pressure washing. We enjoy providing individual customer satisfaction to all of our customers. We understand that every customer is different and has differing needs as well as different price ranges. We will come to your home and provide you with a FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE, that meets your specific needs and price range.

We offer a wide variety of residential services. Offering services including anything from paint-prep, gutters, windows, sidewalks, driveways and decks. We also clean pool areas and fences. There are many services that we can provide for our customers. Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or message us on Facebook with any questions regarding our wide variety of services.

Our customizable pressure washing and power blasting services can handle any residential cleaning need.

With available services starting at $60.00 having your home or property pressure cleaned is affordable to everyone!

Dirty Driveways & Sidewalks


The look of a home says a lot about the person who lives there. Does your driveway look dirty or dingy? Do you have oil stains on your driveway or in your garage from your vehicle? Wouldn't you prefer to pull up to a fresh and clean driveway? Your home should give an impression that you can be proud of. A clean home is a happy home. Let us help you today!

All of Our Residential Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  •     Driveways
  •     Sidewalks
  •     Decks
  •     Patios
  •     Porches
  •     Gutters
  •     Columns
  •     Stone
  •     Brick
  •     Vinyl Siding
  •     Wood Siding
  •     Gutters
  •     Windows
  •     Pool Areas
  •     Outdoor Kitchens
  •     BBQ Pits
  •     Carports
  •     Fences
  •     Fountains
  •     Structures
  •     Metal Buildings
  •     Barns

Mildew & Excessive Dirt Removal


The next time that you are in your back yard, take a look around. Nine times out of ten you will find some type of mildew and or excessive dirt build up. Mildew and excessive dirt build up are damaging to wood, stone and various other types of surfaces that are commonly found around homes. Have Taylor Services' pressure washing professionals come out and give those areas a new, clean and most importantly protective service shine!

Unclogging Gutters


One of the most overlooked components of a home is the gutters. No one wants to clean the gutters on their day off. However, unclogging and servicing your gutters is a very important part of home maintenance.


* When getting your gutters cleaned, be sure to inquire about possibly bundling the gutters with a window clean service.

Cleaning Wood Surfaces & Optional Stain


Has the weather or time gotten the best of your wooden structures around your home? Do they no longer look fresh and new? Taylor Services can strip the mold, mildew and or dirt buildup right off! We can help you restore the original state and even stain it to give it a whole new look!

Benefits of Paint Preparation


As a part of both our commercial pressure washing and our residential pressure washing services, we offer paint preparation. Paint preparation is a service that allows for an easier applied, smoother and more flawless new coat of paint.

This service is most commonly requested by residential do-it-yourselfers that want to re-paint the eaves of their house or re-paint that decorative picket fence. Customers looking to re-seal or stain their decks or fences should consider our paint prep service to take the hard work out of the project. We can strip and clean that wood so all you have to do is re-seal it or stain it.

Paint Preparation



There are different levels of paint preparation. We can do anything from cleaning your existing coat of paint to be used as a base coat or completely remove all layers of paint. During the process of paint preparation Taylor Services blasts away the old coat of paint and removes the paint chips that are stripped off during the process. Using paint scrapers is hard, tedious work. This method is also quite time consuming. Let Taylor Services lend you a hand.